Microsoft Office ESD

1. Visit our ESD E-Commerce site: https://pcimage.com.my/esd.

2. First time users are required to sign up for an account by clicking the “SIGNUP” link at top right corner, before making any purchase.

3. Fill in all required information to create an account.

4. An account activation email will be sent to user’s email. Users are required to check their email (do check Spam / Junk mail, make sure mark as “Not Spam”) to activate the account, by clicking the “Activate Now” button.
5. Upon successful activation, users will be directed back to the ESD E-Commerce site.

6. Click “Login” to access the ESD E-Commerce site. Users will be directed to “My Shopping Cart” page with their names shown at the upper right corner. Click “HOME” or “Go to product list” button to view available ESD.

7. To view product details or purchase a product, user can click on the product image or product name.

8. Click “Add to Cart” button to purchase a product.

9. “Item added to cart” notification will appear once product has been successfully added to cart. Upper right corner shopping cart icon will also notify by the number of products added.

10. To checkout or view the shopping cart, users have to click on the shopping cart icon and click on “Go to Cart“.

11. “My Shopping Cart” page. If users want to add new product (of different model / SKU), users will have to go back to “HOME” and repeat the process in step 7. Users can also add or deduct the quantity of the product by clicking the “+” or “” sign. To remove a product from the shopping cart, click on the “X” button. Click on the “Checkout Now” button to proceed to payment gateway.

12. Billing information will be show and user will have to choose a payment method. 

13. Users will receive notification from the system when payment is successful. User will also be redirected to the profile page where product license key will be listed. User will also received order confirmation via email.

14. All purchase details / transaction history is shown in user’s order detail. User can also access to the “Transaction History” page by clicking the “Orders” button under the profile name found at upper right corner.

15. Activate a brand new Office product key. This is a one-time process that adds your new Office product to your Microsoft account. 

  • On your PC or Mac, go to office.com/setup
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new one. Please remember your Microsoft account email and password, so you can install Office on all your devices and manage your account anytime.
  • Enter the 25-character product key which you have just purchased from our ESD E-Commerce site (can be found under your profile Transaction History, refer step 14)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. You’re ready to install Office.
  • If you purchased the product key to renew your subscription, complete the previous 1 – 3 steps and you’re ready to go.
16. Installing Office