Our Expertise

Precisely matching technology to the needs of your business is our core expertise. We crafted PC Image’s suite of services to be flexible and responsive. Our entire focus is delivering fast, impactful results to your digital initiatives.

Our Solution & Benefits

The following are a few of the benefits that we can provide to our clients by assisting them to solve their technological problems and fulfill their technological needs for them to achieve their business goals.

Faster Response Rate

We are able to quickly attend to your I.T issues or needs with our in-house engineers with outlets across east Malaysia. Delays prompt to happen if it has to go through many peoples in different companies or sub-agents.

Customer Satisfaction

We leverage on the latest technology and consistently keep up with the procurement of new IT products. Our experts who are being trained and certified are committed to deliver a harmonious balance of customer service and product excellence.

In-House Customer Support System

We had our own in-house customer support system that can dramatically improve the level of communication between customers with our support teams. Whereby our customers can directly log the case into our Web portal & it’s easier for you to trace our Job progress.


When choosing a company to provide a product or services you will use for years to come, you must choose wisely. The investment will become an important part of your operation. So before you choose, you’re going to need a solid verification of the integrity of the company’s offering. We have a proven track record all over Malaysia. Our successes make our clients stay with us year after year.

Increase Security

Appointing several different companies to handle your task might expose you to higher security risk. Security here refers to all the measures that are taken to protect against a data breach or to ensure that only people with permission to access your company data. 

Reduce Labor Cost

Hiring and training an Experience IT staff can be very expensive & not forgetting the costs of recruitment as well as ongoing training to ensure their skills are constantly refreshed. Maybe it’s easier for you to rely on an outsourced experienced I.T support team.

Overall Expenditure Reduction

Centralized procurement saves companies money since it centers all transactions in one location. This reduces the amount of Human capital the company needs to invest for personnel to handle several different suppliers in different locations and also ensures added negotiation power by combining the needs from various departments & branches.

Better Control over your Purchases or Services

Getting different people in different departments or branches to do procurement might expose you to Procurement risk, Common types of procurement risk include fraud, cost, quality, and delivery risky. Organizations use a central purchasing department to simplify a procurement budget or to keep the organization’s spending contained in a centralized location that can be checked for discrepancies and audited more easily.

An outsourced IT support provider or consultant will always adopt the latest technology and will have a range of partnerships and accreditations with industry leading technology providers such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and Sophos. This is what they do, so they gain advanced intelligence and training that will help excel your business to the next stage

“Most Importantly we believe in long-term partnerships”
by Company's Director Mr.Simon Kong

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