The following are what PC image had been practicing right after MCO this June to prevent our employee & customer from COVID-19 Virus.

What we are doing for our employees & customers.

  • Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and Customers. We had invested a Auto detection Thermal Technology Camera normally only use at the airports, at our Wisma Saberkas HQ branch as that is our highest traffic & most crowded branch.

  • We’ve invested in the Nano Fogging Mist machine in all of our branches & we perform fogging exercises 3x daily in all our branches to disinfected our showroom & workplace. “Disinfecting with anti-virus fog delivers a wide dispersal of cleaning agents to sanitize rooms from top to bottom”. 

  • We continue following SOPs by the Government to curb Covid-19.

  • We had offered a full salary pay for the whole company during the MCO on this April without any pay-cut to our staff despite many of our staff had volunteered for a pay-cut themselves.

  • If our staff diagnosed with COVID-19, will receive up to two weeks of paid time off—this is in addition to their other paid and unpaid time off options.