About Us

Best computer shop in Malaysia

We aim to be your best I.T Solution Provider in Malaysia

We are one of the Largest computer stores in Malaysia. Along with 30+ outlets across the country, with more planned outlets opening in the future. Our team is committed to providing our customers unique shopping experience with better value & hoping to be your best I.T solution provider in Malaysia.


In PC Image, we understand the trends and requirements of our customers. For instance, we offer them a wide variety of choices and the latest innovative products. In addition, we also provide 0% Easy Payment Plan or Aeon credit service for the convenience of our customers. Most importantly, with our interlink after-sales support & warranty service. We aim to deliver reliability, quality, and perfection in our products and services. 


Other than a retail business, we also ventured into the System Integration (SI) field in the year 2013. We had grown exponentially till today. Only within a couple of years, we had become one of Dell and HP’s Largest computer Partners in East Malaysia. Besides that, our online store has also grown rapidly in recent years.


Above all, we had been awarded by various international brands and are honor to be a partner with the Top technology companies. Our Strategic partnerships will allow us to provide more value to our existing customers. In order to meet our customer’s needs & expectations, we are not only focusing on our front line staff. We are also putting effort into our technical team. With our qualified & experienced technical team across Malaysia, we are being appointed by few of the vendors as their appointed service partner in East Malaysia. For instant Msi, Dell, HP & MSIG.


In conclusion, I believe with our strong presence in East Malaysia and rapidly growing in Peninsular. We are able to provide superior service to our clients & be your best I.T  Solution Provider in Malaysia.


Our Vision

” To successfully endure Malaysia I.T Market & empowering others through adoption of the latest technologies to stay ahead. “

Our Mission

“Build a cohesive team that can treat this business as their own & see things through customers stand point”

If you are in pursuit of the latest technologies, head on down to your best computer shop near you and consult our tech experts.