Why it's Important to
Dispose E-Waste Properly

E-waste Can Be Hazardous Waste

Many electronic devices contain hazardous chemicals. Improper dumping of e-wastes which end up in landfills has harmful effects not just on the environment but also on human health.

“When it rains, the water will bind the toxic molecules from the e-waste in the soil, which contaminates plants and the sea. These harmful materials will eventually reach our food chain and become the silent killer.

“If plastics can stay for 500 years in the landfills, e-waste can stay for millions of years. It doesn’t go away.”

Moreover, the United Nations estimated that e-waste production will triple by 2050, due to our love of gadgets and devices, which are becoming more and more affordable. Thus, if proper disposal of e-wastes is not practiced, our health would be increasingly in risks as time passes by.

It Adds A Safety Layer

Many people forget that when they throw out electronics, they may open themselves up to security risks. Computer systems, smartphones and tablets may hold sensitive data. If that data ends up in the wrong hands, your personal data could be at risk.
Although you may think “trashing” your files is effective, measures like erasing or even overwriting can’t ensure complete removal of data. Therefore, by disposing your electronics in correct ways prevents you from leaking important information.

Proper Disposal Is Easier Than Ever

Through this action plan, proper disposing of e-waste would be more convenient. You are encouraged to support us by just handing over your old electronics to PC Image while visiting. We will send them to recycle centres for proper disposing.