Our Hiring Process

Want to learn more about how we hire and what to expect when you apply?

Step 1 : Apply

Fill up our Online Application Form. Any incomplete details will not be entertained. 

Step 2 : E-Mail Resume

Email us your resume & certificates to joinus@pcimage.com.my

Step 3 : Assess

Our Team will review your applications. You should expect to hear from us within a month. Those who are not suitable will not receive our calls.

Step 4 : Interview

The next stage will be an in-person interview with hiring manager and other members of the team.

Step 5 : Test

Depending on the position you have applied for, you may be asked to submit samples of your work or take a skills test.

Step 6 : Offer

After you have come in for an interview and/or submitted materials, you should expect a response from our team within 1 month.