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With new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases being confirmed daily, more and more rumors are spreading. With all the information being thrown around it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not. 

Therefore we decided to write this blog to get the truth behind the rumors on our company & to avoid disturbance to our employees as these had causes inconveniences to them & their families.

On the 1st of November 2020, We was informed that there was a person who was tested positive for Covid-19 in Wisma Saberkas and we found out that someone infected was a nearby telephone shop and followed by a nearby computer repair shop. As these shops were at the same level with us, we decided to take stern precautions to temporarily close our shop immediately to prevent the spreading to our employees and also to protect our trusted customers. 

The next measure that we took was to inform all staff to immediately go for a swab test at the hospital nearby their living area.

Due to our quick response by closing our shop first & announce publicly before any instruction from the management & authority. We have been accused of spreading the virus into Wisma Saberkas as our bosses are linked to the cases that recently happened around Kuching.

On the 2nd of November 2020, all of our staff from the Wisma Saberkas branch together with the management have gone for the swab test. As of today, the results from those who went to private health hospitals have come out negative but yet there are some still awaiting results especially those who went to government clinics. Our management had instructed all of them to self-quarantine at home after their test from the hospital. We hope that they will be tested negative too.

Lastly, we would appreciate everyone not to panic and we will update further on the situation on our website at www.pcimage.com.my and our social media page at www.facebook.com/pcimage for u all to follow up with the current & most updated situation to ease the tension on those who had close contact with our people. 

We hope everyone is safe, stay at home, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing. Thank you.

* Anyone who are interested to know more on what we had done for our employee & customer to ensure their safety, can follow the below link.  

Updates of our Test result here:

In total we had 90 pax gone for Swab test.
Day 1:  18/90 negative, 0/90 Positive 
Day 2:  51/90 negative,
0/90 Positive
Day 3:  85/90 negative, 0/90 Positive
Day 4:  90/90 negative, 0/90 Positive

We are 100% Negative.
Thank God, So glad that all of us are safe.  

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